"One Stop Is All You Need"

Fill in the blanks by inserting your own numbers. PLUG-IN YOUR AVERAGES

Say you are already an agent at One Stop Realty and you talk to "Agent A from another company" about
all the benefits 
One Stop Realty offers. 

Shortly thereafter "Agent A" contacts One Stop Realty's Broker/Manager and find out the details.
"Agent A" decides to join 
One Stop Realty. Now, you have "Agent A" as your RECRUITED agent and you
begin collecting EXTRA payments from all "Agent A's" transactions. You will earn 1% (paid by us) of all his
or hers Gross Sales and Rental Commissions. Not only will 
One Stop Realty reward you for recruiting other agents but those agents who recruit other agents will also be rewarded. (2nd level). 

One Stop Realty’s revenue sharing Program does not end there! One Stop Realty will also pay you for the
next level of recruited agents.(3rd level).

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