About our process

We need to know crucial items are in your core, like a commitment to succeed, and that when you represent One Stop Realty, that you are a good representation for what we stand for

...You will also learn about what that is – what we stand for – just how committed we will be to your success, who we are as a company, and why joining us is your best chance for success in the Real Estate industry.

You will meet management of the firm, talk with some of your peers, be given a list of client references, and see how One Stop Realty operates. Again, we both have a big decision to make, and we should be able to help each other!

We would love the opportunity to meet you in person at our offices, or any other location of your choice to start a dialog.

Send us your information and we'll get back to you today 

Or just call to speak with Broker/Manager
Samuel Bejerano
(305)225-9905 ext. 128
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