About Samuel Bejerano, Broker

In the complex world of Real Estate, Samuel Bejerano has proven to be one of the leading executives in the industry. Since 1989, when Samuel obtained his Florida Real Estate license, he has served thousands of clients, customers, and agents under an incomparable leadership. 

Samuel Bejerano has extensive management, leadership skills, dedication, integrity, and knowledge. Together with his wife, Alice M. Bejerano, they have been the owner/founders of One Stop Realty Center since the year 1995.

Professionalism and incredible personality has led Samuel to be among the top Real Estate Brokers and CEOs of the country. He has exceptional people skills when it comes to helping his agents, customers, and associates. Samuel Bejerano is a magnet for business successes and for being well liked among all real estate professionals for his care, and natural ability to analyze needs, learning curves, and overcome real estate conflicting transactions of any kind.

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